researchtableResearch is often a prelude to the writing of the article or the book. I prefer tontake the notes long=hand and then type them.

The process can be long and arduous, but necessary. So let’s get busy!

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Hello all, my first blog post in a long while. A bit rusty, but I’m back!!!

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This has been a beautiful November, despite some rainy days. It is my birthday month, and a season that I love.  It is time for harvesting food for the winter. It all begins with Thanksgiving, a festive holiday, and a reminder to give thanks always!

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Yes,  winter is truly here. There is no snow on the ground (yet), but there is wind and cold and dark blue skies. Bundle up!

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When the children were growing up, we and their father lived on our 27 acre farm in New Hampshire. Each year, we would go into the woods and cut down our own tree. One year, with snow on the ground, we pulled the children’s sled deep into the forest. “Dad” climbed a very tall fir, and cut six feet of the top off.  It was the best tree ever! We pulled it home, set it up, and warmed ourselves by the fireplace. Soon, the decorating began!

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Getting Your New Blog Off on the Right Foot: Setting Up House

The Daily Post

In this post from The Daily Post archives, Michelle walks us through the basics of getting your blog all spruced up for the new year and its onslaught of visitors.

Congratulations, it’s a blog!

It’s December 31st, the new year starts in a few hours, and we know what that means: lots of you are starting your first blogs, and many more are re-committing yourselves to blogs you already have. The next few weeks here on The Daily Post are all about tips and tools to help you kick off your blog resolutions (blogolutions? resoblogs?), starting with a two-day crash course.

Even if you’ve been blogging for a while, it’s worth revisiting the building blocks — there’s always room for improvement. And if you want a blogging immersion, check out Blogging 101: Zero to Hero, our intro-level course on all things blogging-related, which starts Monday, January 5.

Okay, enough yakking…

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True Confessions: Bloggers’ Writing Quirks

The Daily Post

Part of having a unique writing voice is embracing the verbal tics that you turn to again and again — those words and ways of phrasing that some call “bad habits,” but I prefer to reframe as “writing quirks.”

Think you’re the only one who uses tons of em dashes or starts sentences with “and” or “but”? Check out our editors’ quirks, and then feel better about (and embrace!) your own:

superman curlMichelle Weber

I’m morethan a littleobsessed with fakefootnotes.* (Well, that and semicolons; if you’re read more than two sentences I’ve written, you’ve probably figured the semicolon thing out already.)

Because of an excess of schooling in my formative years, I stuff unrelated historical references into my posts — even if what I’m writing about has nothing to do with 16th century monastic rules, I’ll shoehorn them in***. I can also get a little harshsarcastic pointed in my personal writing. In both…

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